Is Success and Happiness Enough?

As Jesus was teaching, one day, the crowd was so enamored by His words that they failed to notice how late it was getting. Jesus suggested that His disciples feed them and they quickly realized how overwhelming the task and insufficient their resources. They had only one boy’s meager lunch and enough money to feed only a handful of those present.

Jesus responded in classic fashion and, I believe, specific intent by taking these meager supplies and blessing them and feeding the large crowd. The lesson was clear: whatever we need, Jesus can supply.

The crowd was obviously impressed by this incredible miracle. In fact, they followed Jesus and the next day wanted him to repeat the miraculous feast. They had decided, based on this miracle, that He should be made KING. He challenged them on this said, “you only follow me because you ate and have full stomachs!” (See John 6:26)

How often are we guilty of the same mocking flattery? Do we only love and follow Jesus when things are good and “our stomachs are full?” He went on to tell this group that they must be willing to believe and follow Him even when things were difficult and even confusing. “Work for food that doesn’t perish,” he admonished them. “What must we do,” they asked? “Believe the one God sent,” he replied. He them challenged them to do something odd by telling them to “eat my flesh, and drink my blood.” They decided that was TOO WEIRD, and walked away.

If Jesus tells us that absolutely EVERYTHING we could possibly need is found in Him then He is, in essence, saying the same to us. Take ME and nothing else. Eat my body, drink my blood. There’s nothing else you need. Will you walk away, or will you trust in the one God sent?

Is Jesus enough, or will you keep chasing your dreams, success, or happiness?

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