After the Angels left…

In the days that followed the birth of Jesus, life for Mary and Joseph was never going to be the same. They had both experienced visits from heavenly messengers regarding this child. Nothing they had been told could have prepared them for the days ahead. The visit from the shepherds and their tale of angelic choirs announcing Jesus’ birth, the trip to Temple for the dedication ceremony and circumcision, the prophecy and blessing by Simeon and Anna (Luke 2:22-38), and finally the sheer weight of raising God’s Son.

Around my house, the things that follow Christmas aren’t nearly as ominous. There are decorations to take down and box up, a tree to disassemble, lights to take down, lots of dishes to wash and trash to haul away. But, the promises of God made to Joseph and Mary are the same promises made to me and you. The faith they were tasked to display and the commands they were given to obey are no different than those we’ve been given.

Today, begin that journey of faith or continue one begun years ago by being faithful in the tasks you’ve been given to do:
Be faithful to your marriage vows and spouse…
Listen to and be patient with those around you (especially family)…
Feed and care for those those struggling with the basic needs of life…
Be an example of integrity to your children/grandchildren…
Tell others about the incredible truth revealed in the Bible…

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