Facing the future with hope…

Exodus is the story of God using Moses to lead His people out of Egypt. As the plagues unfolded, the people began to experience God’s power. With the final plague, the death of the firstborn for every family without the lamb’s blood covering their doorpost, the Israelites given permission to leave and go worship God at His mountain. Unfortunately, Pharaoh changed his mind and sent his army to turn the people around and return them to a life of slavery.

With Pharaoh’s army one side and water on the other, the people of God face a decision, will they place their hope in the promise of God or will they return to a life of slavery? God demonstrates His power by protecting them from Pharaoh’s advancing army and opening a path of salvation through the water.

So, will we return to a life of slavery to the temporary things of this world or will we face an eternal future that God promises will be beyond our imagination? I’m putting my faith into action and stepping onto this path of God’s promises. Will you join me?

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