Faith, is it really just believing something?

The concept of faith, throughout the Bible, seems to encompass a concept much bigger than just simple belief in someone or something. We are not only called to believe but to act upon that belief in such a way that our beliefs become our reality. Now, I’m not just talking about positive thinking. Good grief, the world is drowning in positive think gurus and evangelists. Some of which are just kooks or money grabbing charlatans.

No, I think James was right on target when he said that our faith is dead unless it results in action that is reflective of our beliefs. If Jesus really said that His sheep would be known by the love they had for one another and that those who fed, clothed, cared for, and loved on the “least of these” we’re really doing the same to Him, then our actions are obviously tied to our faith in Jesus.

In fact, the Israelites faced a similar situation when God used Moses to lead them out of Egypt and towards the Promised Land. Would they believe in God’s ability to deliver on His promises or would they rebel and return to Egypt? Will we trust God to deliver on His promises or will we return to our old habits, actions, and attitudes and reject Christ’s demands to live in direct contrast to our culture and its selfishness? It’s time to choose!

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